What Would Kim Do?: What Do I Wear For My Photoshoot?

You look at old pictures, your old website and videos you have done in the past and you think to yourself, “What was I thinking?!” Whether you are an entrepreneur needing to rebrand yourself or single and wanting an attractive dating image, how you put yourself out there in the world tells a story of who you are. Developing your personal brand is important because the image you present to the world will determine how you get treated, what caliber of clients and people you attract, and what opportunities will show up for you in the future. For all of these reasons, you want to make sure you’re presenting a strong, confident, and persuasive image to the world at all times, especially in a photo or video. In this video, I give you three easy tips of what to wear for a killer image on camera. I also wanted to provide you with some quick tools to think about when creating a great image for yourself:

Personality – What type of personality do you and your brand have? Try to pick out clothes that reflects what you are about so that people get an accurate picture of who you are. Try creating a Pinterest board or a collage depicting what images inspire you based on their clothes, attitude, personality, colors and attraction to you.

Color – Find a color that embodies your brand and integrate it into your style to attract the clients and people you want in your life. When choosing a color in business, you have to think in terms of being effective and attractive. Certain hues can help people look more confident, attractive, younger, self-assured and creative. Not only that, colors can have a profound effect on the way you feel such as being happier and empowered.

Style – Remember there is a difference between style and fashion. Fashion changes constantly with each new season and trend. Style is long lasting. A wardrobe based on style will have classic pieces that will carry over from year to year. Style is about projecting an accurate sense of self. Your style tells an instant story about you so you want to make sure you are telling the right story and that it reflects your individuality. For inspiration, look at icons, people at work, friends, celebrities and figure out who impresses you. Determine what about their outfits impress you and what resonates with you.

Overall, be conscious of how you are putting yourself out there in the public eye because the image you portray will determine how people treat you. If you are an entrepreneur and want more tips on how to brand yourself, check out this post.


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