Kimberly Seltzer, LCSW

Image Expert/Consultant, Therapist, Dating Coach, Matchmaker, Speaker/Presenter

International Association of Style Coaches

Certified Style Coach

Style Coaching Institute

Master of Arts

Clinical Social Work

University of Chicago

Bachelor of Arts

Psychology, Speech Communication, Theatre

Indiana University

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My name is Kimberly Seltzer and I am an image expert, dating coach and matchmaker. I draw upon my experience as a therapist by using a true inside-out approach to my practice.The reason I am so passionate about what I do is that I not only have the professional experience, but I’ve also gone through a personal journey of my own. I really understand how empowering a transformation can be. After practicing as a therapist for over 10 years, I moved to California with my now ex-husband and young children and was blind-sided with divorce. I was forced to suddenly make a lot of changes internally, externally and professionally.After losing a lot of pregnancy weight, I got a new colorful wardrobe with better-fitting clothes and started feeling better about myself. As my confidence grew, I started attracting more people (men included) and opportunities. I decided to focus my career on helping others with the same painful issues I had gone through and encourage their own personal transformation.

Educational Background
I attended Indiana University, majoring in psychology, speech communication and theatre. At the University of Chicago I completed my master’s degree and became a LCSW all while performing improv at Second City. After practicing as a therapist for over 10 years, I moved to California and trained with one of the top Image Consultants in Los Angeles, Ashley Rothschild at The Rothchild Image. I obtained a certification in Style Coaching through the Style Coaching Institute in the UK which teaches the unique combined use of life coaching, NLP and styling.

Professional Experience
I joined David Wygant, the top LA Dating Coach as his only female coach and learned the art of running dating bootcamps for men. My journey continued after getting asked to consult with several matchmaking companies and businesses for their client’s image and presentation. Most recently, I ran the VIP division at one of the largest nationwide matchmaking companies, Elite Matchmaking in Beverly Hills, CA where I infused image consulting and dating coaching as part of this unique matchmaking process.

Throughout the years, I began speaking and giving seminars such as being the keynote speaker for the clothing line KikaPaprika, for National Matchmaking Conferences, marketing seminars such as Success Magnet and iDate, an international dating conference. I continue to enjoy opportunities on the radio and media. Media spots have included an appearance with Andy Richter and Paul Tompkins in eBay’s Winner’s Guide to Winning, a guest on Huffington Post Live with Tim Matheson, a main expert on the new cable reality show The Romance and co-hosting a new radio with Sideshow Network, Full Disclosure with Art of Charm’s Jordan Harbinger. I am a regular contributor to Huffington Post, Your Tango, Lavalife and Dating Advice. You can also find my articles and videos in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fox News Magazine, Yahoo!Shine and The Examiner.

Today I help clients all over the world to unveil their most beautiful self. Whether it’s updating your image or transforming your dating life, my philosophy is simple… work from the inside-out to achieve your goals and boost your self-confidence. I have developed my own personalized wing gal approach with clients doing in-field work with men and women working on body language, first impressions, image and messaging and how it impacts attraction. My process is light-hearted, fun and empathic aimed at improving dating experiences and relationships. The services I provide include private phone/Skype sessions, email coaching and dating boot camps.

So if you have a closet full of clothes from 1995, or you’re wearing thread-bare undergarments or you’re still in that same old bra that fit two kids ago, it’s time to step into the you that you’re meant to be. Want to learn how to dress your best? Feel your best? Attract men like a magnet? Dress for a first day that’s guaranteed to lead to a second… I can get you there!


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