How To Spot A Cheating Partner – Insights From 81 Relationship Experts

When you are in a relationship and you feel something is wrong, chances are that you are right. Even if your cheating partner is trying very hard to hide their infidelity, you can still spot some changes in his or her behavior.

The problem is that when you love someone, you may avoid the pain and the possible break-up so you may be tented to deceive yourself by justifying their actions and believing their lies.

Unfortunately, problems don’t disappear if you look the other way, so it’s best to study their behavior, to make sure that you are cheated, confront him or her with the truth and then see if it’s possible a reconciliation or if a break-up is necessary.

We want to help you better assess the situation so that’s why we asked Minuca Elena to reach out to 80 relationship specialists, therapists, and dating experts and ask them the following question: 

What changes in a person’s behavior can indicate that he or she is cheating on his or her partner?

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Here is what Kimmy had to say…

Kimmy Selzter

There are some common behaviors which may signify that your partner is cheating.

The first big one is a change in appearance such as new clothes, frequent showers, shaving more often, etc which could demonstrate an effort to impress someone else.

Another behavior change is using the phone in a sneaky way. They may put their phone with the face down on the table, spend extra time in the bathroom with their phone and avoid receiving questionable texts in your presence.

A strong indicator of infidelity is a lack of or change in intimacy. Either your partner withholds sex or seems distant while being intimate with you.

Finally, a cheater’s affect may seem angry, anxious, and paranoid around you. If you are in a longer relationship, your partner may get short, angry or blame you for things that don’t make sense which is usually a reflection of something that they are doing.

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