Creating Love, Not Finding It: Interview With Adam Gilad

Have you ever gotten swept up in the magic and romance of a movie or a song?  Do you ever ask yourself, “Why can’t I find love?” The truth is that it’s a lot easier to depict a picture-perfect whirlwind courtship in a romantic comedy than to replicate that experience in real life. When it comes to finding love, it may be more beneficial to *create* the love you want, instead of searching for it. This week, Kimmy talks to Adam Gilad who is an Emmy-nominated producer and writer and founder of Kyynder about developing deep love connections between men and women.
EPISODE 211 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled: Creating Love, Not Finding It: Interview With Adam Gilad
Kimmy begins the episode with the importance of why it’s better to create love vs. finding it.  Kimmy and Adam jump right in to talk about how you have the power to build skill sets that make you more likely to create the kind of love you’re looking for. Adam shares his journey of how his world was turned upside down when he found himself single at 39 and how he picked up the pieces to put his life back together. If you have gone through a breakup of a long-term relationship or a divorce, listen in to Adam’s story. This conversation between old friends is a reminder that navigating the dating world is a journey and so many of us go through very similar things throughout this process. Adam shares some of the top skills that successful daters and couples can use through practice to help them have more healthy and happy relationships. You’ll hear about how raising your awareness of certain personal triggers helps you interpret the behaviors of others with more clarity. Kimmy and Adam touch on the power of having a community surrounding and supporting you in order to start to shift your consciousness around the relationship skills you want to build. And, Adam shares some lessons he’s learned in his new relationship about not making assumptions about others because everyone has grown up differently with different experiences. 
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