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Dating After Divorce

Getting back out there after a divorce takes time, but there are things you can do to get started and regain some of those dating skills that have been dormant. Let me help you fine tune those dating skills, rediscover your mojo and feel “dating
confident” again!

I know how to start dating again after divorce, because I’ve done it myself. Here’s my story:

I had a pretty ordinary life living a traditional Midwest lifestyle. I was a woman who had grown up with two loving parents in Chicago, had an amazing career as a therapist, got married in my early twenties, bought a fantastic starter red-brick bungalow home with a white picket fence and had two beautiful children. And then we moved to California.

My life at that point completely changed.

It’s humorously easy to say that I followed what all of the other Californians do and got divorced, but obviously there were other issues that led us down the path I never thought I’d go down. But then again who ever thinks that?

So there I was, a single mom trying to uncover who I was again separate from my husband and was catapulted into this thing called “dating.” I had a closet full of over-sized black “mommy” tops, a bunch of nursing bras and neutral colored Birkenstock sandals. This image was not very sexy to say the least. But more importantly, I wasn’t feeling attractive and I didn’t know how to give signals that I was even interested in men. I mean the last date I remembered was going to a toga fraternity party with my college boyfriend. Boy, are things different! I didn’t know if I would ever get my groove back and feel like a sexy, charming and dateable woman again. This is where my journey began and is why I’m so passionate about helping men and women rediscover who they are, gain confidence and attract love again.

Confidence is the number one element both men and women find attractive in one another. And when you feel confident, that is when you attract love and opportunity
in your life. But feeling secure when it comes to dating after divorce is easier said than done. One of the problems is that your identity has been with your spouse for so long that you forget who you are separate from that person. Despite its challenges, if you feel good about yourself and know what you want, finding love and dating can be a lot easier.

I’ve developed these unique “Dating After Divorce” programs to help you feel confident and comfortable dating again.

Through these programs you will learn:

  • The secret 3 “B” System that will rock your dating life and help you gain confidence
  • How to get your “sexy” back with your body language
  • Flirting fundamentals
  • Powerful ways of communicating to draw people to you
  • How to balance your dating, work and parental life
  • What to wear to attract the opposite sex and what men and women find sexy
  • What your body type is and what clothes flatter your physique
  • Dating etiquette and how to navigate the tech dating world of emails, texts and social media
  • The 3 phases in dating and how to become an expert in each phase
  • How to get back out there, meet people and target the right online sites
  • What your online profile and picture says about you
  • How to date successfully as a single parent
  • What your old negative patterns are and reprogram your energy so you can attract new healthy relationships that are DIFFERENT than your ex.
  • Keeping a positive attitude when you don’t have the time and patience to date
  • Rights of passage you go through after divorce and how to get to the light at the end of the tunnel

The Divorce Dateover Shopping Spree

Feeling frumpy and outdated? Do you want to look and feel sexy? Go shopping and get a new dating image!

Your presentation is crucial when it comes to getting back out there to date. It takes only 30 seconds to make a first impression and your date makes a judgment and assumption about you based on your attire and attitude. Whether you are doing online dating or meeting someone in a coffee shop, studies have shown that attractiveness and attire are the strongest predictor of the appeal of one’s online dating profile and on a first date. Like it or not, you are sending messages based solely upon how you look.

The question to ask is: Are you sending the right message and appearing “dateable”?

In this mini shopping experience, I will show you what clothes flatter your figure, what colors work with your skin tone and what clothes the opposite sex finds attractive. I will help you put together amazing dating outfits and learn how to dress for a date without ransacking your closet. The goal here is to show the “dating you” so that you start to get that mojo back and charm your way to love.

Dating After Divorce Bootcamp for Men and Women

This comprehensive and transformative 2-day package takes you on a weekend journey of in-the-field training on how to be the best “New You” when it comes to dating, mating and connecting with the opposite sex after divorce. We will cover various topics on the art of dating after divorce and how you can feel even more confident the second time around. Complete with: shopping, role-playing and exercises designed to help you create immediate and powerful attraction. After finishing a comprehensive dating assessment, you’ll dive immediately into the work necessary to understand and perfect your body language, social skills, communication and presentation. Finally put it all to the test by heading to the studio for your personal photo shoot for your online dating profile and then out on the town to test what you’ve learned.

What’s Included:

  1. Personalized Image & Dating Assessment

    Through our exclusive image/dating evaluation, you’ll dive into creating your action plan. Together, we’ll set goals, review a portfolio of styles and have discussions about what your transformation can include both inside and out.

  2. Body Language & Flirting 101

    As we work together in-the-field, we will assess your body language, dating skills and flirting techniques and answer the real questions around how the opposite sex sees you. Whatever your challenges, we’ll devise a plan to teach you the skills needed to keep men (or women) infatuated and attracted to you.

  3. Body Type Analysis

    Learn your true body type and what clothes flatter your figure and why it works. Knowing your body type will help you understand how to shop efficiently and avoid repeat purchases and impulse bargain shopping that unnecessarily clog your closet and distract you from the clothes that show of the real you.

  4. Dating Wardrobe, Colors Consultation & Shopping

    Once and for all, learn what really works. From the correct colors for your skin tone, to the looks men love, to what fits your body type… at this part of the weekend, we put it all together to discover the looks that make you feel confident, sexy and alive both within your body and out in the world.

  5. Confidence Coaching & Improving Your Internal Self-Image

    Now that you’re beautiful on the outside, it’s time to go inside for the real heart of the course: what’s going on in your head/heart about your ability to attract love? Here we work on your overall self-esteem and confidence and teach you how to embrace this new loveable, sexy you by identifying your strengths and using them to overcome obstacles in your life.

  6. Your Own Photoshoot Experience

    Now for the really fun part! We work exclusively with Michael Maples because of his creative and loving approach to photography. You’ll receive: hair and makeup by a celebrity stylist on set and a complete photo shoot with three outfit and style changes. After the shoot is complete we’ll deliver to you a CD of all original HD images and you can select one photo for a complimentary re-touch.

    Check out Michael’s website to get a preview of his work:

  7. Head Out On The Town

    Next we put the new you to the test and head out with your new look to flirt with men and showcase your dating skills. Try out the skills you’ve learned and have the advantage of having your coach there to help!

  8. Dating After Divorce Kit

    This comprehensive kit is included complimentary as part of this weekend.

  9. Debriefing, Summary & Homework

    Solidify everything you learned this weekend with our shared findings, observations, goals and challenges complete with a list of homework exercises to help you maintain your new look and understanding around dating, the opposite sex and attraction!

Too Busy? Live Too Far Away?

Phone Coaching

These 50-minute calls can be conducted via phone or Skype. After completing a dating questionnaire, we create a set of goals together in order to improve your dating and love life after divorce. These laser-focused sessions really target skills specifically for people who dating after divorce. Depending on what your goals are, we can cover various topics ranging from addressing the emotional turmoil of divorce, navigating custodial schedules, balancing the various roles in your life, single parenthood, flirting, fashion, communication, self-esteem, sex, dating etiquette, approach, giving signals, confidence, courting and much more.

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