How to Brand Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Developing your professional brand as an entrepreneur is important because the image you present to the world will determine how you get treated, what caliber of clients you attract, and what opportunities will show up for you in the future. For all of these reasons, you want to make sure you’re presenting a strong, confident, and persuasive image to the world at all times. Here are three key steps to get you started:


Step #1: Assess your professional and personal goals.

Take out a piece of paper and write down every one of your professional and personal goals to make sure that your brand is consistent and makes sense for your lifestyle. Once you’ve written all of your goals down on paper, start thinking about how you’ll have to present yourself to the world in order to achieve these goals. For example, let’s say you want to take your coaching business to the next level with a VIP coaching package. In order to effectively sell that package, you have to embody the brand of a coach that VIP clients will feel comfortable investing with.


Step #2: Dress like the clients you want to attract.

What does your ideal client wear on a day-to-day basis? Three-piece suits? Brightly colored sheath dresses? Business-casual sweaters? Brooks Brothers? Armani? Like attracts like so your goal is to match or up level your clients’ style. For example, if your clients all wear Brooks Brothers, you should also wear Brooks Brothers. If your clients are yoga pants-wearing moms who want to up level their style, wear chic outfits they will admire and want to emulate.


Step #3: Use color to your advantage.

Find a color that embodies your brand and integrate it into your style to attract the clients you want to serve. For example, dark blue means honesty, determination, and character. Red means energy, communication, and concentration, and pink is interpreted as being feminine. Find a color that embodies the characteristics of your brand, and wear a little bit of it each day.


A final note…

Branding yourself is an exciting and creative process, so have fun with it! Just remember that your overall goal is to present yourself in a way that will attract your ideal clients and inspire them to work with you.

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