What Would Kim Do?: The Secret Formula To A Great Wardrobe

You slowly open the door to your closet and it’s like walking into a museum. It’s almost like a time capsule filled with cobwebs and historic clothes that tell a story about you. Perhaps some have sentimental value, others are of comfort to you but most are probably just plain OUTDATED AND DON’T FIT! And unless you want to start charging an entrance fee to this museum of your nostalgic collection, it’s time to get out there and update your image!

If you are like most of my male and female clients, however, you hate shopping or get overwhelmed when it comes to changing your wardrobe. That is why I teach my clients my secret shopping formula, the 3 C’s. I reveal in this video above what the 3 C’s are and how you can use this simple method every time you walk into a clothing store. Men, you will love this technique because it can help you shop more efficiently and effectively. Women you will like it too for these reasons but most importantly you’ll hopefully discover how it can reduce shopping anxiety and help you embrace your body. Remember: you’re beautiful just the way you are!

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