What To Wear To A Fall Wedding

What To Wear To A Fall Wedding

Finding the perfect outfit for a wedding is always a challenge. You want to look gorgeous and impress your date (obviously!), but you also want to dress appropriately for the occasion. Taking the weather and season into account, here’s a guide for figuring out what to wear to a fall wedding.




  • Choose a dress in a fun color. Muted jewel tones like dark green, navy, and eggplant are always great color choices for fall weddings. Fuchsia, teal, and true yellow are a little less expected, but can also work with the right accessories.
  • Wear heels if the wedding is inside, and wedges or a blocked heel if there’s a chance you’ll have to walk through grass at an outdoor wedding.
  • Bring a shawl, pashmina, or chic fur wrap in case it gets chilly.
  • Take the state’s mood into account. If you’re going to an LA wedding, choose a fun dress in a bright color. If you’re headed to Connecticut, choose something a bit more muted and modest.
  • Use your accessories to bring an outfit into fall. For example, that purple dress you wore all summer long with nude sandals can be instantly updated with a pair of leopard pumps and a textured, metallic clutch.
  • Take the time and location of the event into account. Is the wedding at a ranch or a five-star hotel? A backyard or a ballroom? If the wedding is during the day, your dress can be a tad more casual. Think crisp cotton, linen, and light fabrics. If the wedding is in the evening, you’ll need a proper cocktail dress.
  • Make sure your outfit makes you feel sexy, confident, and ready to dance!



  • Wear white or any shade of white.
  • Wear flats, flip-flops, or excessively casual shoes.
  • Wear a dress that is more than five inches above the knee, or super tight and skimpy. You want to look classy, not like you’re headed to a club!
  • Wear anything too flashy like a flaming red dress, or a sequined gown.


A final note…

Remember to keep your overall goal in mind: you want to look gorgeous (of course!), but you don’t want to upstage the bride. Don’t draw an excessive amount of attention to yourself with a loud outfit, and aim to look classy, elegant, and totally chic.

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