Love Your Body… And Men Will Too

Many women struggle with their body image. They look in front of the mirror and pick out all of the flaws, constantly compare themselves to others and are overly concerned about how they look.

These “gremlins” not only can be exhausting, but can actually prevent you from meeting men and being present. Men really do love women who love themselves so it’s important to focus on really loving all that you are.

When you are truly confident with your body and all its flaws, you radiate in a way that simply draws other people to you. That kind of inner confidence can’t be faked, and in order to get it you need to learn how to love your body exactly how it is today – flaws and all.

To counteract those negative beliefs, here are super easy tips to start loving your body and feeling sexy and confident in your own skin.


Understand What Old Tapes Are Playing

Because of my background as a therapist, when it comes to body image, I first and foremost look at how my client’s past may be shaping her present and future. For example, maybe as a girl, you learned that it’s impolite to admit that you LOVE your butt, because that would mean you were stuck up. Or maybe you were ridiculed because of a certain body part that developed early and you became self-conscious of it. The important thing to keep in mind is that the negative messages you learned back then is negatively influencing how you feel about yourself today, and that’s not at all helpful or valid.


Learn to Love Thy Body

Loving a physical attribute of your body is something I teach clients to own in order to increase their confidence. Most women focus on what they don’t like rather than what they DO like. Once you know what you love about your body, you’ll know how to showcase it. Stand in front of the mirror and focus on only the things that you like about your appearance. For example, maybe you love the curve of your back or your almond-shaped eyes. Or perhaps you love your strong, shapely calves or toned arms. Write down what you love about your appearance on a piece of paper and review that list whenever you don’t feel beautiful.


Dress for Your Body Type

Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to dress for your body type, the act of shopping for clothes can be ultra depressing, especially when you just tried on ten pairs of jeans and nothing fits.

One of the best things you can do to feel more body confident is understanding the type of body you have and how to best enhance it. The right clothes have the ability to transform your mood and make you look and feel like a million bucks. Here’s the good news: once you know your body type and how to dress to accentuate your assets, shopping can actually become a fun confidence booster because you’ll KNOW what clothes to try on to make you look and feel amazing. In order to get to that place where shopping is an enjoyable experience, you first have to get to know your body and what looks good on YOU. If you don’t yet know what your body type is or how to dress for your particular figure and accentuate your assets, download my free eBook now for a full guide.


Take Care of Your Body

Uncover your body in different ways. Many times you don’t carve out time or have the energy to exercise. But exercise is a great way to re-focus your energy, lose weight and have that “you” time. Also, you sleep better and have more energy. If you truly have difficulties finding the time to exercise, make it a part of other activities. Run around with your kids or pets, walk with a friend to motivate you and schedule the same time in the day like you do with work/errands. Moreover, get sexy with your body and out of your head by taking a salsa class or pole dancing to regain your body confidence.


You’re already stunning just the way you are… you just have to believe it. No matter what your weight, size, height or shape, learn to accentuate your beautiful assets and love thyself and all the gorgeous parts of you. You’ll be amazed at how your confidence will skyrocket! And yes…the men will notice!

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