Elite Man Magazine – Ep 77: Confident Style

We talk about what it takes for men to dress for success and how to improve your style! I share my best tips on optimizing your look and feeling as confident as possible when stepping outside and into the world. If you’re wondering what it takes to optimize your look, improve your confidence, and of course perfect your style, check this interview out now!


In our interview we go over:

  • Why improving your style is so important
  • How dressing better can increase your dating success by up to 50%
  • What women notice when they first meet a man
  • How quickly it takes for a 1st impression to form
  • What dressing better can do for your self-esteem and confidence
  • How to dress more confidently and create your confident style
  • The most dramatic transformations she’s been involved with
  • The 3 general body types for men and how to work with them
  • The 5 general body types that women have
  • Why fit is probably the most important thing to consider in fashion
  • Why having a signature piece is a great idea for men
  • How short guys can appear taller by wearing certain clothes
  • What types of shoes to wear
  • Why your confidence level can be directly tied in to what you wear
  • Why your style is so easy to manipulate and why you should improve it today
  • The reason why guys are easier to shop with than women
  • How dressing a certain way can make you look years younger (or older)
  • Why you should dress age appropriately
  • Why you should change or try out 1 thing you’ve always wanted to try



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Originally published on the Elite Man Magazine website.

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