Art of Charm Ep. 503 – Top 5 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Attract a Man



Jordan brought me on this Art of Charm episode to talk about the mistakes that women make when trying to attract a man. In this episode of the Art of Charm, we talk about:


  • Is it really true that “there are no good men out there?”
  • Do you feel like the one who never gets approached or, if you do the approaching, you never get the response you’re looking for?
  • Body language, first impressions, messaging, social confidence, and your image play a huge role in how you come across to potential romantic partners.
  • With which of the five archetypes of women do you most strongly identify — and which mistakes are you most prone to make when trying to attract a man?
  • What’s the secret weapon that will help you overcome the mistakes commonly made by your prevailing archetype?
  • And so much more…



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