4 Secret Tricks for Busy Women to Become “Date Ready”

You just met a great guy online. Looking at the calendar, you realize you only have an hour after work on Wednesday to meet him.

He begrudgingly accepts and you race to the date in your corporate suit, greet him with a firm handshake and start firing a bunch of interview questions at him to see if he’s worth your time. He surmises that you are too busy to date and doesn’t feel chemistry with you.

Sound familiar?

Too often women rush through the getting ready process and show up at dinner disheveled, anxious and unkempt – not a great way to make a first impression or set a sexy tone. Moreover, you will go into your date with a business, mommy or masculine energy! This is a common scenario amongst busy women who are juggling their life and still trying to date successfully.

Here are some easy and fun tricks to help you switch from that frenetic energy to a sexier and attractive one:


Trick #1 — Shake Off Your Day and Give Yourself Time

If you are just coming from work or taking care of your kids, you’re stressed, and your mind is in a million places. It’s really important that you don’t schedule a date right after work or a high stress situation. Instead, plan a date where you can give yourself at least an hour to pamper yourself, shake off the day and get into your feminine energy of receiving. When you are in work mode, you carry yourself with a more masculine body language and communication style. If you provide yourself time in between work and the date, you can do things that will help you relax so you will be more open, light and approachable.


Trick #2 — Get Out of Your Head and Get Into Your Body

When you are in work or stress mode, you get in your head thinking of everything you have to do. When you have too many tasks and priorities swimming in your head, you forget how to be in the moment and have fun. In order to prepare for a date, do something that gets you into your body. Give yourself that time to get “date ready” mentally and physically. In order to get your sexy on, put on lingerie, blast your favorite song and dance around your room. Get in touch with your body and tap into your senses.


Trick #3 — Be Well Nourished

When you work a lot and are constantly running, your body becomes depleted.  You may forget to eat, get little sleep and don’t take the time to groom properly. Make sure you eat a little snack before a date so your blood sugar is level and perhaps take a nap or meditate so that your mind is clear and alert.


Trick #4 — Create a Feminine Flare

Of course you want to look your best when you’re on a date, but very few women actually give themselves enough time to accomplish that goal, especially if you have been playing mom or business woman all day.

Whenever you’re meeting a man for the first time embrace your feminine, sexy side. Put away the boyfriend jeans, the Uggs and your corporate blazers, and slip on a sexy pair of heels and a gorgeous dress that you look and feel absolutely amazing in. If time permits, get your hair styled and get a mani-pedi. Wear skirts, create softness and be open. Trust me – he will absolutely love the effort and admire your feminine flare.


Remember at the end of the day, men love women who love themselves. If you take the time you need for yourself, you will feel more energized, feminine and ready to have fun meeting someone new. When you are open to that, you will increase your chances of creating a magnetic energy that will be irresistible.




Originally published on Digital Romance.

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