3-Step Social Plan to Becoming Your Own Matchmaker

You thumb through endless online profiles and go to the same boring social gatherings with the same friends only to find the same single people.

It is like a broken record and you are left with the feeling that there is no one to date in your hometown. You end up feeling defeated and say to yourself, where are all the great men or women out there? Believe me they are out there but you have to get out of your hamster wheel and do something different so that you get different results.

When I go out with clients, I teach them where to go and empower them come up with an efficient and effective social plan so that they are meeting the right people for them.


Here Are My Top 3 Secret Tips in Developing a Social Plan So That You Can Become Your Own Matchmaker:

1. Hone in on Your Passions and Hobbies

Too many people get caught up in trying to find “single” events to meet people. This can be too narrow of a market and the ratio of men to women are often skewed. Instead, make a list of hobbies and activities that you enjoy. Think about ways to meet like-minded people who share similar interests. Don’t think of it in terms of going on a man or woman hunt but rather as a way of opening your world and meeting interesting people.


2. Social Research

Now that you have your list, start researching events and activities around those passions in your area. Google keywords that match your hobbies and browse online. Ask friends, family and co-workers about what they like to do for fun and to see if there are any parties or events where you can tag along. See what your town and people are up to. You’ll be surprised of the new things you will learn when you open up your world.


3. Fill Your Social Calendar

Your social calendar should look like a business calendar filled with social gatherings and fun activities. The key is to actually write it in the calendar so that you hold yourself to it and place it at a level of importance. There must be a variety of events where there are three different categories included.

The first is having regular daily organic interactions. This means making a point of striking up conversations in the coffee shop, market, or other places that you go to on a regular basis. The second category is signing up for a repeating social gathering such as a class or belonging to a networking group so that you will encounter the same people repeatedly. The third area to focus on are structured events that happen occasionally like a wine tasting event. By mixing up the type of interactions, you will be making connections in a variety of ways.


Remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you are finding yourself in a dating insanity cycle, get out of it by taking action and doing these 3 steps to elicit and empower change in your life.





This article was originally published on Digital Romance.

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