Summer Wardrobe Essentials For Men


Men's clothingJust because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can completely forget about style and revert back to your old college days when all you needed was your favorite worn out tee shirt and a pair of rubber flip-flops. Once you’re in you’re in your thirties, forties, and fifties, it’s really important that you pay extra special attention to your style during the summer months, because it’s super easy to look sloppy and disheveled, instead of casual and put-together. To make sure your summer style always reflects the sexy and successful man you want to portray to the world, be sure to stock up on the following summer wardrobe essentials for men.

Nice shorts

Invest in a few nice pairs of long shorts with a flat panel (no pleats, please!). Get a variety of colors, including a neutral pair in beige or off-white, and a few pairs in fun colors and patterns that make you feel good, like red, green, or seersucker. This style is awesome for summer because it can take you almost anywhere during the day, and it always looks stylish and well put-together.

Classic shirts

To always look your best, make sure you have a bunch of light, breathable cotton tees in basic colors like black, white, and blue for the daytime. For the evening, opt for fitted button downs in a light fabric.


Jeans are a year-round staple, but they especially come in handy for summer night dates. For your summer denim, invest in a pair that’s lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. If you’re going out at night and you’re not sure how fancy the venue is, you can wear dark, lightweight jeans to make sure you’re dressed appropriately.


Yes, you’re still allowed to wear flip-flops, just not the rubber ones that you would also wear in the locker room shower! There are tons of stylish sandals out there that look as good as they feel, you just have to find them! To begin your search, take a look at Merrill’s or Sannuk Vagabonds.


A nice pair of sunglasses will elevate your entire look, so you definitely want to invest in these! When in doubt, buy a pair of aviators from Ray Ban. They’re a classic choice that’s always in style.

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