5 Easy Tips to Update Your Wardrobe


Update your closetAcid washed jeans, pleated pants, a Banana Republic blouse from 1990 with the tag still attached – yikes! An outdated closet with nothing to wear can make getting dressed feel like a chore. You deserve to feel excited and confident about the clothes you put on your body, and you simply can’t feel that way if everything you own is ten years old, ill-fitting and worn out.

As an image consultant to men and women, I’m constantly helping my clients update their wardrobes, toss the items that they don’t need anymore, and create space to splurge on new outfits guilt-free. If that sounds like just the thing you need to turn getting dressed every morning into the best part of your day, follow these five super easy tips to get started and update your wardrobe, D.I.Y. style.

Tip #1: Abide by the two-year sell by date.

A lot of stylists say that if you don’t wear something after a year you should get rid of it. My rule of thumb is two years. Why? Because I like to give the extra year as a cushion, because maybe there hasn’t been a real need to wear a particular item, or maybe your body has shifted, or maybe as you buy new clothes you’ll find a new home for an old piece. However, if it’s been two entire years since you wore an item, and it’s collecting dust in the farthest corner of your closet, it’s time to toss it.

Tip #2: Update your pants first.

Pants are so important because they ground your outfit, and have the greatest effect on how you feel in your clothes. Get rid of any pants that are:

– Not slimming.
– Acid washed.
– Pleated.

The most current look for both men and women is a slimmer leg that flatters your figure. When you hit the stores looking for new pants, remember to look for clothes that flatter your body type. Skinny pants aren’t for everyone! If you’re not sure what styles look good on you, enter your name and email into the fields at the top of this page to get your free Body Analysis Guide! Read it through, get to know your body shape, and you’ll be ready to shop in no time.

Tip #3: Check in with your lifestyle.

How is your lifestyle different today than it was two or five years ago? If you were working at your corporate job the last time you bought new clothes, and now you’re a full-time stay-at-home mom, it’s time to get new clothes that look great and fit your lifestyle.

Tip #4: Add some color!

If you walk into your closet and all you see are beige, black and white clothes, take a risk and infuse your wardrobe with some color. To find the colors that look awesome on you, simply hold a top up to your chest and examine your skin. If it’s not your color, your skin will actually take on a greenish/yellowish tint. On the other hand, if the color causes your skin to reflect pink and look brighter, then that’s one of your colors.

Tip #5: Check the decade.

Even though outdated looks always come back in style, they do so in an updated way, so it’s very rare that a pair of pants that worked in the ’90s is working for you now. If you bought an item years and years ago, it’s time to part with that particular piece and buy something new.

A final note…

Bringing your closet up to date is more than just making sure you’re in style; it’s about creating space in your life for things you actually love. So as scary as it may be to get rid of items that have seen you through breakups, divorces, jobs and kids, do so knowing that when you get rid of the things that no longer serve you, you create space for something even better to come into your life.

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