Spanx: Should YOU Wear Them?


Trying clothesImagine this: You slip into your brand new skintight, fiery red dress, loving how the silky fabric feels against your body, and how the red pops against your smooth skin. You strap on your sky-high black stilettos and strut over to the mirror to admire your outfit… and that’s when you see them – the fleshy bulges poking out from your tummy, butt and upper thighs. Yikes!

You run back to your underwear drawer and breath a sigh of relief as you pull on your good old, reliable Spanx – that wonderful glove that we women slip into, to smooth those bulges and keep everything in place.

Although Spanx are at the forefront of the modern day body-shaping revolution, keep in mind that corsets and girdles have been creating beautiful, womanly shapes since the 15th century. Spanx are just another incredible tool for concealing areas of your body that you’re a little (or a lot!) self-conscious of, so you can look and feel amazing in your clothes.

Now, many women want to wear Spanx but they’re concerned about what men will think once the secret is revealed, and I honestly tell them that it does not matter one bit. Spanx are about making YOU feel confident, but if you want something on the sexier side just in case your date sees what you’re wearing underneath, Victoria Secret has amazing corsets that are made of lace and satin, so they work as body shapers AND lingerie.

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is the way a body shaper makes YOU feel. If you feel like a million bucks when you can slip into that fiery red dress with a smooth figure, then I say go for it!

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