Look Your Best: A 24-Hour Plan To Look Amazing For Your Next Date


Look your bestOf course you want to look your best when you’re on a date, but very few men and women actually give themselves enough time to accomplish that goal. Too often people rush through the getting ready process and show up at dinner disheveled, anxious and unkempt – not a great way to make a first impression.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve got preparing for a big night out down to a science, and it’s actually a lot easier than you think. Just follow these four super simple steps and you’ll be looking and feeling your absolute best in no time at all.

1. Get in touch with your body.

Listen to your body and give it what it needs. If you’re feeling sluggish, turn on some music and dance around, or grab your iPod and go on a quick walk around the block. Getting your body moving will give you an incredible energy that will transcend to your date and make you unbelievably attractive. If you’re exhausted from the day, take a quick nap to rejuvenate. Give your body what it needs so you can bring your best self to your date.

2. Pay attention to the food you eat.

If you know you’re meeting your date for a big dinner, don’t eat a lot beforehand. Instead, munch on light snacks so you don’t feel bloated when it’s time to go out. My favorite options are carrots, pretzels, turkey or cheese. If those don’t appeal to you, choose your own snacks but make sure they’re mild and will give you energy. Stay away from garlic, onions and anything else that might give you bad breath!

3. Choose your outfit in advance!

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is waiting until the last minute to decide what to wear. By the morning of the big date you should already have your entire outfit planned out, right down to the shoes and accessories!

4. Make sure you’re groomed.

There are few things worse than showing up to a big date looking disheveled and feeling scattered. Your goal is to be relaxed and look put-together, so make sure your grooming and hygiene are in tip-top shape. If you’re a woman, pay serious attention to your hair, as it’s your greatest accessory. If you have time, definitely splurge on a blow out – the confidence boost is worth it. Both men and women need to pay attention to their nails and make sure their breath is fresh! If you’re a man, shave, wear cologne and trim any stray hairs.

A final note…

Remember that the goal is not only to look amazing, but also to feel great and bring the best version of you to this date. No matter how stressful your day was or how hard you worked, create space to come down from that high and step into a positive, constructive energy. Take a few deep breaths, meditate, do some yoga poses or just sit on your porch and sip a cup of tea. Do whatever feels right for you to de-stress and transition into date mode.

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