How to Look Cozy Chic for the Holidays

Look cozy and chic for the holidaysIs it possible to stay warm and look sexy during the winter months? In a word: Yes!


Looking comfortably sexy in the winter is what I like to call looking “cozy chic.” It’s an overall look that’s sexy, touchable, and low-key — but it’s not as easy to achieve as you might imagine. When it comes to winter clothes, it’s all too easy to look frumpy rather than put-together, so here’s a little guide to ensure you get the cozy chic look just right for this holiday season.


Tip #1. Leggings are your friend!

A super easy way to look cozy chic is to wear leggings! Depending on the look you’re going for, you can dress them up for a date with chic boots and heels, or you can dress them down for Thanksgiving dinner with cute flats and a cashmere sweater.

To get your leggings fix for the season, head to the department store to pick up a few pairs. You definitely want to grab a pair in basic black, but also consider getting some fun, unexpected colors as well – like eggplant, cranberry, or chocolate brown. Just remember to pair your colored leggings with a neutral, muted top for a cozy chic effect.


Tip #2. Invest in cozy chic fabrics.

When you’re going for the cozy chic look, you want to wear only the yummiest, softest fabrics, such as cashmere, suede, and silky satin. Not only will you feel cozy and sensual, but the men in your life won’t be able to keep their hands off of you.


Tip #3. Flaunt your figure.

Cozy stops being chic when you can no longer see your figure, so always make sure to wear a fitted garment on one half of your body, and a looser garment on the other half. For example, pair your leggings with a comfy top to offset the tight legs, and pair loose slacks with a fitted sweater.


Tip #4. Choose your coat wisely.

The coat you choose will vary depending on where you live, but your overall goal is to find one that shows off your shape and to avoid the Michelin Man effect. If you love puffer jackets, look for one that narrows slightly at the waist and fits your body. If you want a more sophisticated look, invest in a wool coat that also cinches at the waist. Also pay attention to the color of the coat. For example, if you’re bigger on top, you’ll want to avoid a white jacket because it’ll make you look larger. If you’re petite and don’t have much of a bust, a white coat will give you some sexy volume up top.


Tip #5. Indulge in boot season!

If you’re single and trying to attract a guy, avoid Uggs! Men just hate them. They’re great for lounging with your friends and sitting around the tree with your family, but they’re a major “don’t” if you’re out on a date with a special guy. A better option? Go for sleek leather boots and pair them with your leggings and sweaters.


A final note…

Remember: Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have a free pass to hide your gorgeous figure. Only wear clothes that make you feel warm, comfortable, and sexy, and you’ll be the epitome of a cozy chic chick.

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