How to Flirt with a Man: Use Your Charm to Reel Him In!

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As a dating coach, I’ve noticed that many of my female clients are absolutely terrified of flirting because they think it’s this scary, embarrassing thing that they’ll never be good at. And while I understand those fears, the truth is no matter how awkward you feel, or how scared you are to put yourself out there, you can learn how to flirt with a man – you just have to master a few simple steps and remember to have fun!

Step #1: Remember that flirting is supposed to be fun!

The essence of flirting is expressing your interest in someone without committing yourself too seriously. In a nutshell, that means flirting is supposed to be fun and playful! Don’t focus too much on “getting it right”, and instead just try to enjoy the moment and let the interaction flow.

Step #2: Choose your flirting style.

Do you feel more comfortable flirting with your words, eyes, touch, smile, or something else entirely? To decide which flirting style feels best for you, think about your strengths and how you can use them to attract men. For example, if you have a killer sense of humor, you may want to flirt with men using your words. If you have stunning eyes, play them up with makeup and use deliberate eye contact to reel him in.

Step #3: Use your body.

No matter which flirting style you choose you should always work your body to your advantage. For example, a slow strut is sexier than a hurried shuffle, so walk slowly and deliberately to capture his attention. Once he approaches and starts a conversation, don’t stand directly in front of him with ten feet of space in between you. Instead, position yourself so that you’re nearly touching him, and angle your body inward so that he feels close to you.

Step #4: Get in a flirty mood!

Research shows that men are most attracted to happy, fun, and confident women. Focus on cultivating those qualities within yourself and your contagious positivity will attract great men no matter where you go!

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