How to Dress Like You Don’t Work From Home

Kevin Rogers from “The Copywriter’s Edge” helps writers and entrepreneurs be more successful. Many of his audience work from home, which can be both a blessing… and a curse. In Kevin’s own words: “Going till noon in your PJs, conference calls from the back yard, an entire day without shoes… not unusual.”

The problem is that because fashion plays a comparatively small role in the daily lives of work-at-home folks, they are at a major disadvantage when it counts. Showing up to face-to-face meetings (clients, conferences, etc) in clothes that don’t fit or came straight off the rack at Target is sending a bad message (and costing you money!)

When it comes to your personal style: casual is cool, but clueless is a killer. Listen to the interview below and learn how to dress with confidence.

If the audio here doesn’t work, head to The Copywriter’s Edge for the original post.

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