Ask Women Podcast

Guys, this podcast is for you! Join the “Wing Girl” Marni Kinrys and I on this podcast to get real answers from real women to the questions you have about women.

On this show, I talk about:

  1. The 5 archetypes of women I works with
  2. Why women have boundaries and how to knock them down
  3. Things women are doing wrong in dating but have no clue they’re doing them

I also talk about being divorced and a single mom.
Dating when you’re divorced and/or a single parent can be a challenge, so I give some insight on how to date successfully.

Marni and I also discuss:

  1. How to spot a gold digger
  2. How to tell if someone is using you for money, sex, attention
  3. Is it okay to pay women for dates?
  4. To circumcise or not to circumcise? What women think of “real” penis’s

and so much more!

If the audio here doesn’t work, head to the Ask Women Podcast page.

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