Are You Dressed For Success?

Joshua Pompey, a writer for The Examiner, and I talked about what it means to “dress for success.” Read his article below:

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Kimberly Seltzer, the owner of Elite Image Makeovers, to ask her what impact a mans clothing and fashion choices can have on the eventual success of a first date. Here is what she had to say…

It takes 30 seconds to make a first impression. That is all you have. Both men and women make judgments and assumptions based on two things within that 30 seconds in determining whether or not they like that person.

It has nothing to do with the clever lines or intelligent banter. It has to do with attitude and attire. The truth of the matter is, both genders are visual when it comes to attraction.

However, after working with thousands of men and women, I’ve determined that each gender looks at different things. Men look at women in a more sexual manner and women look at men to determine if he is successful.

So yes, women are visual and overall love guys who are put together and look like they care about their appearance. Women are not asking that a man wear an Armani suit for a first date, but if you are dressed well, have clothes that fit your body and have a sense of style that will go a long way.

In fact, women are even more forgiving of a balding hairline or potbelly if you wear it well and own it with confidence.

So men, if you want a chance for that second date and really turn her on immediately, package yourself in a presentable way by dressing for dating success.

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